So this “thing” was about the digital security on your cell phone. There are the obvious things such as only getting applications from trusted sources (e.g., google play). But, I was really curious to see whether any of my “trusted” apps were collecting data that wasn’t necessary.


I had already turned off many of the permissions surrounding location. I don’t understand why instagram need to know where I am, and am not comfortable geo-tagging my photos on my phone unless I am on a trip and such information would be useful when remembering where photos were taken.

No other permissions really jumped out to me as unnecessary. So I didn’t alter too much. But this exercise did make me remove many apps that were just idly sitting on my phone. I rarely use LinkedIn, so why have the app?

Built in apps

However, there are a few apps on my phone that are built in by the phone company (e.g., their version of calendar). I am a Google calendar fan through and through. So I installed that and have been using it. So I turned off all the permissions for the built in calender (for some reason it can’t be removed). Now, I am stuck with random error messages saying the app has crashed. Minor annoyance.

I am looking forward to working through the next things (Diversity and Accessibility).


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