Thing 11 is about understanding copyright and creative commons. As a recreational artist (and blogger, can I call myself that?), I have a bit of an idea about copyright and creative commons. As an academic, I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge and knowledge being freely shareable. Thus, you may notice some of my presentations have a creative commons license attached to them. This is important to me, as I don’t think I am truly the owner of this knowledge, so hope that others feel they can take it and share it and use it how they see fit.

This Thing’s Activity

So, because I’m a nerd for my research and always looking for new images. I thought I would see what Flicker and Pixabay presented me with when I searched for Bullying. Below are the images that stood out to me and were somewhat related to what I was looking for.

Person sitting against a wall with knees bent and hands hugging knees

Desperate Sad Depressed by Anemone123 Licensed under CC0 Creative Commons Free for commercial use. No attribution required. Therefore, I could share this without attributing the author, even use it in advertisements, if I wanted to. Retrieved from:

Boxes put together like little people, small one leaning on bigger box for comfort

mom … everyone bullying me!!  by sⓘndy° Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). Therefore, I can share this image as long as I attribute the author and mark my own content as shareAlike.
Retrieved from


While I’m not sure I would want to share all my art and pictures using creative commons. I do think that it serves a purpose, and am so grateful to those who do share their work. I do think that my presentations, and general knowledge production/mobilization should be shared using creative commons. This helps break down the walls of academia in some sense. Allowing people to build off my work, and utilize things they may find relevant for their own practice. If I make a workshop or handout for teachers, I want them to know that they can take this and make it their own, or use it however best suits their unique needs within their professional context.


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